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It’s a SMELL World, after all.

WHOA! What’s that smell? Where is it coming from?

Of all our senses, our ability to smell things and differentiate between what is pleasant

and what is not has proven to be an invaluable survival skill throughout our lives. Aside

from the obvious negative smells like chemicals and rotten food from which this sense

protects us, the brain’s ability to process whether a certain smell makes us feel good

or bad is fascinating. For now, let’s focus on the positive.

Have you noticed how a particular smell can immediately transport your mind from a

stressful state to a place of comfort or invoke a specific memory? For example, the

aroma akin to grandma’s apple pie. How about that fresh-cut Christmas tree smell as

you decorate for the holiday season? Maybe you imagine yourself on your honeymoon,

surrounded by the beaches of Maui, every time that warm ocean breeze vibe floats into

your nose? And who doesn’t love the teasing smell of fresh hot chocolate? Good, bad

or indifferent, smells are a driving force in our mood changes and how we are made to

feel at any given time.

Now that we have you thinking about the power of smell and how it may be affecting

your life, we need to find a vehicle within which to bring these positive and therapeutic

experiences into your everyday life. Let Oak Tree Soaps take the wheel.

Soothing scents like lavender, vanilla and cucumber melon offer calming sensations

while holiday favorites like juniper, cinnamon and cranberry orange take us back to

good times celebrating holidays past. Winter blues? Not on our watch. Remove yourself

from the everyday grind and head to the beach with tropical and spa-like aromas as

you lather in the tub or shower. Our soaps can be enjoyed and shared by people of all

ages, any time, any place, anywhere. So if you need a quick getaway, an escape from

the monotony of your every day or are just up for a little fun, then grab a soap, take a

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